About Step UP and Go

Step UP and Go’s mission is to engage Inland Northwest residents in daily physical activty and healthier eating habits using community mobilization, education and collaboration.

Visit stepupandgo.org to get started with our free activity trackers, tool kits,  training programs, recipes, community events and more!


3 thoughts on “About Step UP and Go

  1. Karen Gaines says:

    I LOVE Step Up. It is great to have a goal to keep me moving. It is fun and motivating to “see” the places you are passing as you walk.

  2. Jackie Hall says:

    I really enjoy using the site. I have completed a couple of the challenges and am now doing my 3rd and 4th, including the Bloomsday challenge. I cant wait till May, but will be looking for other runs closer to home, (Lewiton, Idaho). Thanks for the motivation, I have passed on Step Up to my daughter and friends.

  3. stepupandgo says:

    Thank you Jackie! We are thrilled that you love the site and have passed it on to your daughter. We can’t wait for Bloomsday either, it should be a blast!

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