Exercise for the Brain

The competition is called “Body Forward”. The charge for elementary students from 28 schools and organizations in our area is to research and present a project under the topic “body healed, body repaired, or body enhanced” So when 5th grade students at Spokane’s Discovery School came up with how exercise helps the brain, they contacted Step Up to share what they learned!

Here’s part of their findings:

  • Exercise increases the neurotransmitters in the brain so the signals can fire faster and help you be more efficient in your thinking and learning!
  • The hippocampus(kids love this word!) part of the brain creates new pathways for learning and is expanded with exercise.

To prove what they researched, students conducted 6 studies. They had some students exercise for 15 minutes, while others remained inactive, then each student took a mad math minute test. Their findings, the students who exercised did better on the test.

In another test students took a test and went outside and ran around, then returned to the class and took the same test again. Guess what,, yep, they did better on the test taken AFTER they exercised!

Students will present their project before a panel of judges on Saturday December 4th! Good luck Discovery Group, something tells me they will be doing jumping jacks before the presentation!



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