November 2010 Step Up Spokane Winner

Congratulations to Mariann Barnhart, the November Step Up Spokane winner! This month’s prize is four tickets to a Spokane Chiefs hockey game!

Mariann is almost 50 and had never really exercised in her life until a few years ago. Her doctor encouraged her to start after diagnosing her with pre-diabetes and high blood pressure. He suggested ten thousand steps a day! So Mariann is doing the Step Up million step challenge. She says it’s a great way to find out what it really takes to move that much.

What she’s learned is it takes more than just an hour of concentrated exercise (in her case a Zumba class). Mariann is trying to walk more throughout her day, from the car to the store, around the store, anywhere where she can make her movement more intentional. She likes that logging her activity on Step Up keeps her accountable to doing it!

Mariann is a busy mother of 3 children 10 and under and says she likes setting an example for them by making exercise a priority. Good job Mariann and keep on taking and tracking those steps!

You can be a monthly winner by tracking your steps at least 10 times a month. So register now and get moving!



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