Celesta Dailey Step Up Success Story

Celesta Dailey of Farmington is starting off the New Year in a healthier place than she’s been in years thanks to Step Up Spokane! Celesta started the four thousand step challenge when we launched our website and tracking system in late October. To date, she has completed that challenge TWICE and is now doing the ten thousand step challenge. Great job Celesta!

Here’s what she says “I am enjoying Step-Up Spokane very much and wouldn’t be out the door without the challenge! Logging in my steps each night keeps me moving, it is fun and I feel so good about what I am doing”.

Celesta is a 69 year old grandmother and great grandmother to nineteen children. She has been pretty sedentary in recent years but when she read an article on Step Up she decided to make a change. Even though Celesta is walking by herself, she enjoys knowing her steps are helping fill the clock tower in a community effort to better health.

And to inspire those of you who don’t feel computer savvy, Celesta isn’t either. But within a short time she figured out how to log her activity on our website and is amazing her grandchildren by using an on-line tool to fitness!

Did we mention Celesta’s blood pressure has dropped since she started the Step Up challenges? And she says she is seeing her body change as she continues to make physical activity a regular part of her day! Thank you Celesta for taking the Step Up challenge.


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