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Spokane mountain climber Kay LeClaire is off to new heights again today, January 18th! LeClaire is the first woman over age 60 to complete the Seven Summits, the highest point on each continent. When she summited the top of the world, Mount Everest in May of 2009, she became the second oldest woman in the U.S. to summit Everest at the time.

Now LeClaire and two other Spokane area climbers are headed to Ecuador to attempt the highest peak in that country Chimborazo at 20,565 feet. The group will also attempt Mt. Cotopaxi in Ecuador and possibly a third mountain depending on the weather. LeClaire, who will be 62 in March, says this trip is about getting out and doing some climbing. When asked if her goal is now climbing the high point of each country she said no. But never say never!

LeClaire is a goal setter and achiever. Her message for others is don’t be afraid to try something new no matter your age. But know that you will have to put in some effort and some days it will hurt. LeClaire is currently training for the Coeur D’Alene Ironman. She says whenever she goes out to run she questions “why” for about the first mile. But in the end she says your effort will be worthwhile and your sense of accomplishment will carry the day! For more on our own female Spokane climbing star, log on to her website at www.


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