December Step Up Spokane Winner

A fourth grade teacher at Discovery School in Spokane is the December winner for tracking physical activity with Step Up Spokane. Molly Zammit was one of the first people to register for the million step challenge and is getting close to finishing it!

She says logging her walking has really kept her going in these winter months. She enjoys watching how her steps are pushing the bar to the right toward the goal! It’s that mental game of knowing if she doesn’t intentionally move her body each day she won’t reach that million step mark!

Mrs. Zammit has also been instrumental in getting her students and their parents to track their activity with Step Up. Her students have adopted Step Up as a tool for various school projects. One being a presentation on how exercise helps the brain (see previous Step Up article). The end result, Step Up has helped the children be more aware of the role exercise plays in their physical and mental health. And that’s the goal of Step Up!

Congratulations Molly Zammit! Keep on tracking with Step Up and enjoy 4 tickets to a regular season Shock football game. The Shock made national headlines last year as the Arena Bowl Champions! Thanks to head coach Rob Keefe for the tickets and for being one of the faces of the Step Up campaign. Read his exercise commitment next to his video on our home page


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