January and February Step Up Spokane Winner

Linda Dietrich is getting married in June and that’s one reason she’s on our 10,000 step challenge.  Congrats Linda, for tracking with us at least 10 times a month you are the January Step Up winner!  For the effort Linda will enjoy a couple of fabulous burritos from Neato Burrito in downtown Spokane. Neato specializes in healthy fast food made from scratch with vegan and vegetarian options, brown rice, all white chicken breast meat, and more.

Linda likes that all her activity counts as steps, from yoga, to weight lifting, to walking and running.  She says doing the challenge helps her “ramp it up more”.  She just started this 4 month challenge in January, you’re more than halfway there…keep it up Linda!

Hats off to Herb Hylton of Spokane for being the February Step Up winner! For tracking his physical activity at least 10 times a month Herb can reward himself with a healthy burrito from Neato Burrito in downtown Spokane!  And these burritos are neat..fresh ingredients made from scratch with lots of low-fat and good-for-you options!

This 47 year old father of two is a machine when it comes to working out!  He’s lost 63 pounds in the past couple of years because, he says he “keeps moving”!  That’s the Step Up philosophy, add more movement to your day and track it.  Herb is doing the 10,000 step challenge so he can include his many activities,, zumba, swimming, running, skiing, and weights.  He says logging his activity pushes him to see how far he can go. Thanks for being a great example Herb!


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