Dine Out to Feed Spokane

March is National Nutrition Month and in Spokane that means our local dietetic association’s Dine Out to Feed Spokane effort.  The bottom line, you go out for a meal at participating restaurants and you help feed the hungry in Spokane.  A definite win/win!  Last year the effort raised $8,000 dollars for Feed Spokane, a local non-profit food rescue agency.  The Greater Spokane Dietetic Association wants you to know…you can eat right when eating out!  Here’s how.

  1. Order sauces and salad dressings on the side.  Many entrees that are good for you fall apart because they are drenched in dressings.
  2. Salads can be a good, low-fat option but to maximize nutrients stay away from iceberg lettuce and go for the dark green leaf colors, like spinach.
  3. Consider splitting entrees.  In this day and age of supersizing, many meals have far more food than you need.  So split with a friend or ask for a take home box as your meal is delivered.  Dietitian Heather Gabbert says if you put half your meal away before you start you aren’t tempted to keep picking at your food when you already full.
  4. When ordering burgers or sandwiches, consider going bun less.  Many burgers have huge white bread buns that add lots of calories and far fewer nutrients than whole grain buns.
  5. Try vegetarian options, the goal is more plant protein and less animal protein.
  6. And when ordering pizza, Gabbert says “mop” it!  That is cover pizza with mushrooms, onions, and peppers.  You’ll feel better about ordering pizza, but you still have to control how much you eat.

Happy Dining!  For a list of local restaurants participating in Dine Out to Feed Spokane, log onto www.nutritionwsda.org/GSDA

Download the dining calendar >>http://www.nutritionwsda.org/GSDA/docs/Participating%20Restaurants%20Handout%20MARCH%202011.pdf

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