Congratulations to our Bloomsday Trade Show Winner

Congratulations Jennifer Brooks of Moses Lake for being our Step Up Bloomsday trade show winner! Enjoy her story of losing 65 pounds and getting healthy.


I am so excited to be the winner of the $100 gift certificate from Runners Sole for signing up for Step Up at the Bloomsday trade show.  Thank you very much Step Up for providing this wonderful opportunity to feel connected to a community that is like minded in wanting to keep fit and be active!  I initially started my journey to fitness and good health shortly after my father passed away in 2003.  My dad was morbidly obese with compounding co-morbidities that eventually took him away from us physically.  I continue to carry my father with me in my heart as I journey through life aiming to be as health minded and active as possible.  He is a part of my motivation and as a Nurse Educator I try to pass on his legacy by educating my nursing students on his medical case, the role of the nurse and the importance of providing optimal care to not only the patient, but their families.

I had always struggled with my weight as a child and over time developed some pretty toxic habits.  At 42 I found myself weighing 210 pounds at 5ft 2 inches in height.  As a single mother of three growing children (now 21, 19 and 12) I quickly realized that I had to get help in taking control of my life.  Two weeks later I had a lap band placed and progressively have lost 65 pounds.  Through correct diet and exercise I have maintained this weight loss for 3 years and have a much more productive and active life with my children.  At 46, my weight loss has allowed me the freedom and energy to enjoy biking the Hiawatha trail, walking Bloomsday with my daughter and cousin and in previous years my nursing students.  My goal is to work through a book full of hikes in the northwest (100 hikes in the Inland Northwest by Rich Landers and the Spokane Mountaineers) and explore this wonderful state of ours!  I continue to look for other opportunities to explore the outdoors and enjoy the wonderful scenery and the friendships that can be developed.  Step Up will be an excellent tool to help me continue being health minded with my daughter (my only child left at home) and to show her how to live her life to the fullest.  I am looking forward to watching how many steps I take and challenge myself beyond my baseline.  Although I live out of town I really would like to get involved in some of the activities posted on your website, how exciting to link up to others of like mind!  Thank you again for this wonderful opportunity to have a new pair of shoes while taking this walk in my journey to health!

Jennifer Brooks, Step Up Bloomsday trade show winner


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