Step Up Spokane April Winner

Congratulations to Jamie Denmark the April Step Up winner! He gets some fabulous, locally made snack bars by BumbleBars. The owner of BumbleBars is a natural foods cook who buys exclusively organic ingredients with 70-percent of them coming from worker owned cooperatives. Thanks to Liz Ward of BumbleBars for the prize. Jamie was eligible for the Step Up monthly prize because he tracked his physical activity at least 10 times a month. He is a great example of someone who has learned and practices putting more movement into his day. Here’s his story!

Sitting at a desk job all day I would really add on the pounds if I wasn’t as active as I am. With Step-Up Spokane, I have been able to log all of my activity which keeps me even more accountable. I no longer pay to park close to work downtown, but park a mile away and walk. I don’t go to the gym every day, but I make a point to go more often. If keeping up with my 3 kids and coaching their sports teams wasn’t enough, I play golf, softball, and hunt. My youngest kids are really into Geocaching so we get out and hike around together. I stayed in Spokane to raise my family because of all the outdoor activities we can do, and it is all close to home so everyone should take advantage of it.


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