Step Up to Beach Abs

Are you ready to show off those abs for swimsuit season but a little hesitant that yours could use some work? Take heart, the abdominals can be really tough to tighten, especially for females! It’s important to remember that you need to have a complete workout to really tighten your entire body, but try these 5 moves to get those rock hard abdominals perfect for showing off in the summer sunshine!

Do these moves in a circuit to really get your heart pumping and to burn those calories. Complete each move once, and then repeat the entire sequence 3 times with little to no rest.

Mountain Climbers-do move for 30 seconds

Go to a push up plank (on the ground ready to do a push up). Bring one knee in towards your chest and tap the ground. Switch legs so the leg that just tapped is back out straight, and the other knee is up towards your chest and tapped on the ground. Once you get the motion, alternate legs quickly. Stay in push up plank the entire time with hands right below your shoulders. Keep your abs really tight, so you don’t slump your lower back.

Bicycle Crunch-25 on each side

Lay on your back. Hands are behind your head. Knees are up in a 90 degree angle. At the same time, bring one knee in towards you and extend the other leg straight out a couple of inches off the ground with toes pointed the whole time. When you bring your knee in, turn your body so the opposite elbow reaches towards that knee, and touch if you can. Switch sides. Keep your abs tights, chin off the chest, eyes on the sky, and go slowly to really feel the muscles working.

Jack knives-15 each side

Go to a push up plank. Bring one knee in towards your chest. At about your belly button, drop your knee to the side, and try to touch it in the direction of your opposite elbow. Bring it back and switch legs. Keep your abs tight and your butt down in that push up position. Your knees should really be the only things moving. Don’t forget to breath out when you drop your knee!

Side Plank Drops-12 each side

Go to a side plank (lay on your side, up on your elbow, feet stacked, straight body). Lift your body using your elbow and feet to help support you. Except for your elbow and feet, the rest of your body should be off of the ground. Once up, lower your side down to work your oblique muscles (the side of your stomach). Repeat 12 times, and then switch sides. Make sure your shoulders stay back, your abs stay tight and breathe out when you lift up.

V-Ups-15 total

Lay on your back with legs out straight, toes pointed and your arms extended over your head out straight. Slowly raise your legs and bring them in towards the middle of your body and raise your arms towards the middle of your body at the same time. It should feel like you are folding your body in half  then unfolding it and laying it back down. Breathe out when you come together, try not to let your feet touch the ground when you lower your legs, and keep your abs super tight!

Dane’ Standish, 

ACE CPT,  Fitness Professional,  SNAP Fitness


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