See how two Step UP monthly prize winners are benefitting from the Step UP challenges!

Diane Huffman hiking in the North Cascades

How’s this for yummy and healthy?! A sandwich that’s really not a sandwich, huh?!  That would be an “unwich”!  You’ll find it at Jimmy John’s in Spokane and that’s where our July and August Step UP winners will be enjoying their prize for tracking their physical activity at least 10 times a month. Thanks to owners Rick and Kathy Rocca for donating the prize. An “unwich” is a healthy option to the sandwich. It’s simply a sandwich with lettuce instead of bread! You’ll have to go to Jimmy John’s for more information. At the downtown and Mission restaurants you’ll also get instructions on the proper way to eat an “unwich”!

Our July winner is Diane Huffman. Yay! Congrats! She did the Million Step Challenge and found it intriguing to see how many activities other than running and walking count as steps. Diane and her husband Mike like to hike and dance and were thrilled to add their hiking and dancing time to their physical activity tracker. Diane also likes to garden and logged a lot of steps composting!  Diane is doing just what we hope all Step UP participants will do, enjoying a new awareness of physical activity and learning how all movement adds up. Diane says she keeps active for her health and as a retired registered nurse knows that “health is wealth”. Way to go Diane!

Bill Lundin and his wife Celia

Bill Lundin is our August Step UP winner. Yahoo! Good job! Bill and his wife Celia have always walked but they started doing Step UP to get more miles in and to see how their miles added up. Bill says the Step UP tracker “keeps us going so we don’t slack off”! He lifts weights, does yard work and some bicycling, and likes to hike and fish. This is the first time Bill, 64 and Celia, 62 have used a tracker like Step Ups and say they find it easy to use. We’re glad to hear that! Hats off to a couple staying active and challenging themselves with something new!



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