Step UP partners with WSU for a research project that benefits YOU!


October 27, 2011



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Step UP Spokane and WSU Partner on Research Project

Step UP Spokane and Washington State University are partnering on a research project to get you moving and keep you there!  Prabu David, Associate Dean, Edward R. Murrow College of Communication, WSU is heading the research and says;

“The aim of this study is to examine what motivates individuals to participate in a physical activity program. While most people start well, few finish. Through daily tips on the Step UP Spokane website and through emails, our goal is to use various ideas from the social sciences to encourage our community to become active and fit.”

Julie Humphreys, Director of Step UP Spokane explains, “Step UP has all the tools, a great website with an activity tracker that is easy and fun to use. People can log all their physical activity, walking, running, swimming, Zumba, weight -lifting, and more in the 10,000 step challenge and be part of the WSU project simply by ‘opting’ in.”

Web and smart phone based physical activity programs are the norm today which can lead some to think technology is the magic bullet to solving health problems. WSU researchers are looking at the added benefit of human interaction in the form of a health coach along with technology programs.

WSU would like to encourage everyone to go to  and be part of the study. Whether you’re a student, a mom with young children, a businessman, whether you are overweight, out of shape, or a seasoned athlete, you can take the challenge to better health.  And, you can’t argue with this, it’s FREE and WSU has fabulous prizes for the first 100 people who sign up for the research project!  Join now!

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One thought on “Step UP partners with WSU for a research project that benefits YOU!

  1. Shannon Roe says:

    How do you sign up to be a research partner with WSU?

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