September and October Step UP Winners

Linda (right ) with her daughter Shawna (left).

Congratulations to Lynda Hedquist and Mahilani Gutina, Step UP prizewinners for the months of September and October!  Linda and Mahilani both receive gift certificates to FroYo Earth located in downtown Spokane.

Lynda, a local resident, chooses to use Step UP because it keeps her focused. As a wife, mother and grandmother who works full time Lynda has to make a conscience effort to get enough exercise each day.  Lynda does this by logging her physical activity on the Step UP tracker and wearing a pedometer to keep track of her movement.  “I have a hard time finding time to exercise, but I try to fit it in where I can.  Even though lots of days the only steps I log involve my everyday walking, my pedometer reminds my to keep moving and take extra steps if I haven’t been very active that day,” she says. Lynda also stays active by participating in Bloomsday each year, hiking, bowling, camping and doing Zumba.

Mahilani, is also from Spokane and works for Eastern Washington University.  Mahiliani has logged more than two million steps and is working her way to completing a third Million Step Challenge! When asked how she stays inspired she said, “I like to find different ways to better myself. With Step UP, I am motivated to exercise and log my activity because I am in competition with myself.”  Mahilani also explains that each time she completes a challenge she is eager to do it again to see how much she can improve her time and track how far she has walked. Mahilana joined Step UP less than year ago after seeing a segment about this free community tool on the news. Today she exercises three hours per day by walking, lifting weights, using the elliptical machine and swimming.

Keep up the great work Lynda and Mahilani!  Step UP is excited to help you in your commitment to exercise!

Step UP would like to thank FroYo Earth for their prize contribution and for providing a healthy alternative to ice cream and other frozen treats. FroYo earth is committed to being wholesome and eco-friendly. For more information check out


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