New Year, New Motivation!

“It’s that time of year again!! Fresh starts and new beginnings! Make this year different by making resolutions to good health that last a lifetime. To be successful with your lifestyle change resolutions,  remember it takes 21 days to form a habit. Most of us want instant gratification and tend to stick to diet changes for 2 weeks or less. Why do you think many fad diets are two weeks long? Because research shows that the consumer (a.k.a, you) will most likely quit if changes don’t occur within 10-14 days. So, very low calorie meal plans are developed and aligned with a gimic to pull you in, get your money and watch you fail. Then you are forced to seek success by doing it all over again! Stop this vicious cycle now!  Five ways to successfully living out your new years resolutions are:

1. Allow yourself 21 days to get used to a proposed resolution.

2. Know yourself and your triggers. If your resolution is to stop eating chips, then clear your pantry, office drawer, car cubbie, etc, of any and all chips.

3. Make well rounded choices, including nutrition, physical activity, and positive thinking. Focusing on all three areas of health will help lead to successful lifelong changes.

4.  Have a buddy! Be accountable to someone else!

5.  Make it matter! If weight loss doesn’t get you motivated then narrow it down to something such as decreasing your waistline by 2 inches by Valentine’s Day. Keep in mind, guys you want a waistline smaller than 40 inches.  Gals, aim for a waistline less than 35 inches.

You can do it! If you need more support or further help in attaining healthy nutrition goals, make an appointment with a registered dietitian ASAP!!

Heather Gabbert MS, RD, CD.


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