If Your Body Could Talk

Hello Tara, it’s me…YOUR BODY!Image

Yep! The one and only body you get in this lifetime. You’ve moved me through life and carried me on your journey. Travelling at a million miles a minute, as fast as your feet could take you to do as much as humanly possible. You were leaps and bounds ahead in your mind to accomplish it all, disregarding the NOW.

The things we’ve been through together have been quite intense. It never has been half way with you, huh? Pedal to the metal, screaming along, healthy, fit, strong, alive and moving like the wind. You constantly pushed harder, priding yourself on what you “did” that day. You acted as though 40 was the new 20, determined to do it all. And it was never enough. You expected more from me and were disappointed in my limitations.

But you missed the point. I tried to tell you to SLOW DOWN AND LISTEN TO ME. I gave you hints along the way, slight reminders, pinches here, fatigue there. You even got a very expensive speeding ticket, but you didn’t slow down. You overlooked my wisdom and guidance   you brushed it off.

Then came the back injury. You were halted, disabled, stopped in your tracks and you experienced pain like nothing else. It was constant, crazy, distracting. You didn’t know how wonderful it was to walk, stand, reach and sleep, did you? You even took for granted simple things like the ability to get in and out of your car, dance with your kids, and run with the dog. You realized even getting up and down from the toilet or sitting comfortably was a chore.

Well, since that wake up call, you’ve changed and I like it A LOT! You are kinder to me, you eat slower, and note flavors more. You breathe deeper, paying attention to me and how I feel. You move more intentionally, showing me the respect, love and the tender care that I deserve. You fuel me with fresh and yummy foods that fill me with energy. You are tuning in. And you are more alive than you’ve ever been.

So, way to go on embracing your DO-OVER! I can see that the rest of this trip we’re on together is going to be fabulous.

Tara Wear is a 41 year old fitness instructor, healthy-lifestyles coach and mom of two active children. She is now 3 months out from her injury and wants to encourage others to pay attention and be grateful for their bodies.


One thought on “If Your Body Could Talk

  1. Dad says:

    Hi Daughter! I’m totally impressed!!!! Keep up the good work!! Dad

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