Step UP Spokane’s 1st Grand Prize Winner!

Dan Daling, Grand Prize Winner

Congratulations to Step UP Spokane’s 1st Grand Prize Winner – Dan Daling! Dan, 58, worked hard last year walking for exercise almost everyday and completing three Step UP Million Step Challenges! For his persistent exercise efforts and tireless activity tracking, Step UP is rewarding Dan with an iPod Nano that allows him to listen to music and download exercise applications.

Dan started tracking his activity more than a year ago with Step UP. Today he takes between 7,500 and 18,000 steps throughout each day, starting with a 7-mile walk through Riverfront Park. Dan says, “ One of the reasons I have stayed motivated to keep walking is because exercise helps control my blood sugar for diabetes.” And Dan knows firsthand as a battle with diabetes led him to loose more than 70 lbs. “I don’t have a choice. Walking benefits me physically and mentally.”

Dan’s stick-to-itiveness in his exercise regimen is inspiring, especially for the New Year! Early this month Dan began Step UP’s newest challenge, Spokane to Seattle, and has already completed 50 miles! “It’s an easy way to track what you are doing, plus it’s fun and interesting to learn about the landmarks along the way,” says Dan about the new challenge.

Join Dan and more than 40 other Step UP participants who are well on their trek to Seattle. It’s never too late to begin!

If you or someone you know has an inspiring health story please share it with us at


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