November and December Monthly Winners

Congratulations to William Reinert and Curtis Cawley as Step UP’s November and December monthly winners!

William, a Spokane native, likes to use Step UP because it’s local! “I like to participate in challenges that mean something to me. I have been working toward the walk to Seattle and I enjoy learning about different areas in my state.” William, walks 3 miles to work each day and makes a conscious effort to get his steps in. “Before I started keeping track of my activity I felt like I was moving all the time but really I was moving far less than I thought. Now I realize that I have to make time for exercise in my everyday routine.” Kudos to William for being intentionally active!

Curtis was born in Western Washington and moved to Spokane after graduating from the University of Idaho in 2009. He originally joined Step UP to participate in the Bloomsday Challenge. “ I loved that it was one more tool I could use to stay motivated and held accountable at the same time,” he said. “It is so easy to use and gives me a great way to track my progress; there is something satisfying about being able to keep track and look back on your workouts as you progress towards a goal.” An active runner, Curtis plans to run Bloomsday for his third year in a row. He is also a member of the Flying Irish Running Club and has completed over 30 runs! “I like that Step UP and Flying Irish work together. I plan on earning my 35 run shirt this next year.” Good luck to Curtis and his fitness goals for 2012!

Curtis featured right at Bloomsday 2011

Both winners received $25.00 gift certificates to Famous Ed’s located in Spokane’s South Hill. Famous Ed’s is home to David’s Pizza. In fact Famous Ed’s is the only place shy of the Spokane Airport where you can get the popular pizza until the new David’s opens by the Spokane Arena (soon we are told!). Famous Ed’s serves what’s called the “naked lunch”. It’s a pizza with veggies, peppers, mushrooms, etc….sauce and no cheese (hence naked!). Co-owner Mark Starr says “people love it”. Whether they choose it as a low-calorie option or because they are lactose intolerant, the naked pizza is a hit! You can also ask for a sprinkle of cheese on top to give you a little protein but still avoid the 16-ounces of 100-percent whole milk cheese that normally comes on David’s pizzas. The naked lunch at Famous Ed’s is just one way to include pizza in a healthy diet! Famous Ed’s also uses all fresh ingredients made from scratch.


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