Dine Out to Feed Spokane

Every year, the Greater Spokane Dietetic Association (GSDA) promotes a community event in celebration of “National Nutrition Month®”. For the last 4 years that event has been “Dine Out to Feed Spokane”. As professionals, dietitians are concerned with both access to and the quality of food in the American diet. Over the past years, more and more families have difficulty obtaining affordable food. This often leads to the purchase of low cost / low nutrition foods just so the family will have something to eat. This is where Feed Spokane comes in. Feed Spokane is a non-profit food rescue agency that works to eliminate both waste and hunger by safely rescuing prepared food from area restaurants. This donated food is then distributed to over 50 meal sites, serving over 3,000 meals daily and helping struggling families obtain nutritious food.

“Dine Out to Feed Spokane” is a community wide fundraiser to help support operational costs for Feed Spokane, and raise awareness of food insecurity in and around Spokane. While some restaurants are more geared to make food donations, others don’t often have excess foods prepared but still want to support the cause. These restaurants are making cash donations based on food sales during March, to help with the costs of transporting the food safely from restaurants to meal sites.

You can participate by dining out during March at one of the participating restaurants either on their “Dine Out Day” or by ordering their “Dine Out Menu Item” all month long.
For a list of participating restaurants and dates : http://www.eatrightwashington.org/GSDA/content.cfm?page=6

This blog was written by Joan E. Milton MS, RD, CCRC, Research Coordinator at Providence Medical Research Center.


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