Congratulations to the monthly prize winner!

Congratulations to February Winner Molly Mckenna!  She wins a gift certificate to Huckleberry’s Natural Market located on Spokane’s South Hill.

A Spokane native, Molly, 50, is a wife, mom of three, homemaker and volunteer.Active throughout her life, Molly regularly enjoys time at the gym doing yoga, zumba, aerobics, lifting weights, walking and running.  “These activities, plus the social time I have at the gym, provide great stress relief,” Molly says.  Outside of the gym, she uses everyday activities such as raking, snow shoveling, gardening and mowing the lawn as “cross training.”

To date Molly has completed Bloomsday seven times and is planning on running it this year with her husband and daughter.  Molly signed up for Bloomsday in January and started using Step UP’s site to track her activity. She says, “The Step UP site makes me appreciate how quickly daily activities, errands and exercise add up. I can really see progress! The visual impact of the progress charts and the conversion of activities to ‘steps taken’ makes it easy to appreciate the many ways, small and large, I can improve my health.”

What a great attitude Molly!  Thank you for setting an example of staying physically active at the gym AND during everyday activities. Keep up the great work!

Step UP would also like to thank Huckleberry’s for donating the prize this month! A one-stop shop for a broad array of natural and organic food products, Huckleberry’s is also committed to customer service and providing education about their products. The market also features a natural bistro, juice bar and organic espresso shop! Located at 926 South Monroe Street, Huckleyberry’s is a place you don’t want to miss!


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