March Monthly Winner

March Monthly Winner - Karen Gaines.

Congratulations to Karen Gaines, Step UP’s monthly prize winner! For logging her activity 10 times during March Karen wins $20 gift certificate to Spa Paradiso!

Karen started using Step UP as a way to track her activity for her Weight Watchers program.  Dedicated to a new, healthier lifestyle Karen purchased a pedometer and started walking on her work breaks. “I go every day in every type of weather,” Karen says. “I make sure I take at least 10,000 steps.” If by the end of the workday Karen hasn’t met her 10,000-step goal, she walks in place while watching nightly television programs with her husband. “Walking in place works!” says Karen who has lost 19 pounds of her 25-pound weight-loss goal.  Excited about her progress, Karen wants people to know “You don’t need a gym membership to get exercise. You can walk anywhere!” Thanks Karen for helping to spread that Step UP message! That’s exactly what Step UP is all about, making the healthy choice an easy choice!

Since starting her program, Karen has never missed a day of walking.  Motivated by her weight loss, Karen also says Step UP has helped her stay on track, “ I like logging my steps and working towards a goal.”

Keep up the great work Karen! You deserve a trip to the spa. Step UP would like to thank Spa Paradiso for donating this month’s prize.  Located in the bottom level of the historic Davenport Hotel in downtown Spokane, Spa Paradiso offers a wide-range of spa services including massages, skin treatments, waxing and more – each performed by a licensed professional trained in the latest spa therapies. Whatever you choose, they guarantee you will leave with a renewed sense of peace and well being.  For more information visit


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