10 Ways to Stay Motivated

1.   Think wellness not weight loss. Rather than the numbers on the scale, focus on the long term goal of wellness for your life. Make good food choices a part of your lifestyle change instead of “just” making good food choices until you’ve reached your goal weight.

2.   Limit but do not eliminate. If you completely eliminate all of your favorite foods, you will only crave them. Allow yourself your favorite indulgences but limit your portion and frequency.

3.   Celebrate small victories. Fitness goals are more like a marathon than a sprint, they take time and patience. Start by setting small goals, track your progress, and celebrate every goal met, no matter how small.

4.   Drop the “perfect” mentality. Having a moment of weakness is okay. Learn to pick yourself up and get back on track. Try doing an extra activity to make up for a lapse.

5.   Find an accountability partner. Choose a friend, co-worker, group, or family member that has the same or similar goal as you. Enlist this person to help keep you on track to reach your fitness and healthy living goals.

6.   Focus on what is going right. If you miss a work out or two, do not get discouraged. Instead acknowledge the actions you are taking to reach your goal and remember why you are doing them.

7.   Be your own motivator. Place notes around the house with a motivational reminder, such as “You can do it!” or “I feel great!” or “You are doing great!”

8.   3-Step your goal. Having one large goal to lose 30 pounds can be overwhelming. Break your large goal into three smaller, more achievable goals. That will help you gradually build healthy choices into your lifestyle.

9.   Step away from bad influences. Do certain stores, restaurants, foods or friends lead you to make unhealthy choices? Stay away from triggers that tempt you back into unhealthy habits. Find places and people that will influence a healthier lifestyle for you.

10.   Keep a success journal. Documenting your success can help build confidence in your ability to reach your goal. Keep a journal next to your bed and write down each day’s successes (for example: felt tired, but managed to go to the gym for a work out). Review it weekly/monthly to see how far you have come.

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