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It can be hard to get away from screens; computer, TV, cell phone, and more, they seem to be everywhere. Too much screen time is linked to more snacking and increased obesity. And too much TV has been linked to lower reading scores and attention problems. Take control of your free time, and your children’s. Here are hints to limit recreational screen time to NO MORE than 2 hours a day.

  • Don’t watch TV during mealtimes
  • Use a timer. When it goes off, so does the TV or computer
  • Keep books, magazines, and board games in areas where your family spends the most time.
  • Make a list of fun activities to do instead of being in front of a screen

Even though computers and televisions can have educational information for even the youngest of children, limiting screen time is important to their wellbeing. The experts say children under the age of two shouldn’t watch any TV. And for all ages, the recommendation is, no TV in the bedroom! Once you’ve kicked the screen habit you may just find yourself healthier and hopefully happier!

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