Learn More About 5

You’ve heard it before, eat your fruits and vegetables! Turns out there’s good reason to listen to mom, here’s why:

  • Fruits and vegetables contain vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytochemicals. Phytochemicals help prevent cell damage, prevent cancer cell replication, and decrease cholesterol levels. Antioxidants bind to free radicals, which are linked to causing cancer and heart damage, and transform them into non-damaging compounds.
  • Fruits and vegetables contain high amounts of fiber; diets rich in fiber may reduce the risk of heart disease.
  • Are you trying to lose extra weight? Fruits and vegetables may help, they are low in calories, making it easier to lose weight-you will feel full without eating too many calories.

Fruits and vegetables are clearly an important part of a good diet. Almost anyone can benefit from eating more of them, but variety is as important as quantity. Different fruits and veggies provide different nutrients, that’s why 5 a day is important. Here are more tips to help you get to 5 a day!

  • Choose with the seasons and buy fruits and veggies that are in season.
  • Don’t forget about frozen fruits and veggies. They are always available and can be a healthy choice if you choose ones without any added sugars, salt, or fat.
  • Add fruits and veggies to dishes you already make, like zucchini to spaghetti.
  • Wash and chop up fruits and veggies so they are ready to grab and eat.
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