June Monthly Winner

Congratulations to Step UP and Go’s monthly prize winner Raven Perry of Spokane, WA. Raven won two Spokane Indians baseball tickets for logging her activity on stepupandgo.org at least 10 times during the month of June.

Raven started using Step UP to challenge herself in her workouts. “Knowing that I need to reach a certain point by a certain time keeps me going forward in my workouts,” she said.  Since 2010 Raven has lost 103 pounds and uses Step UP as a record to look back on the work she has completed!  She explains, “ Having a place to track and challenge myself is an added bonus, plus I can see what I have done for myself in a whole year.”

Now an admitted exercise addict, Raven plans to stick with Step UP.  She hopes to use the Step UP group/team activity tracker (still under development) to incorporate her women’s weight loss class in another type of challenge.  Way to go Raven, keep up the great work!

Thank you to the Spokane Indians for donating our prize. The Indians are a minor league team which takes an active community role supporting education, healthcare and a variety of non-profit organizations in our area.


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