August Monthly Winner

David Smith

Congratulations to Step UP and Go’s monthly prize winner David Smith of Spokane, WA. David won a $20 gift card to Jacobs Java for logging his activity on at least 10 times during the month of August.

David started using the Flying Irish activity tracker last spring when the Flying Irish running club suggested members join Step UP’s website. David says, “It helps to keep me motivated.” He also really likes it because his wife loves it! He says, “I get my honey-do list done a lot faster because I can log any activity I do.” You can input all of your physical movement whether it’s a hard core run or a chore like moving the lawn and the Step UP tracker calculates the number of steps it took to do the activity. Now that’s cool!

David used to run when he was younger until he was injured in a serious car accident. He injured his back so severely that doctors told him he would never run again. Luckily, David started seeing a new physician years later who really encouraged him to get back on his feet. The doctor informed him that with the new technology in running shoes and orthotics David could start walking and eventually run again too! Now, years later, David is running again and feeling great. He loves being a part of the Flying Irish club and says, “Being a part of the team is what keeps me going. The members are so good about keeping in touch.”

David’s story is such an inspiration. He is also looking forward to running a marathon this October in Leavenworth. Way to go David, being active really does pay off!

Thank you to Jacobs Java for donating this month’s prize. Jacobs can be found at four locations throughout Spokane. They feature Gemelli coffee and Rocket Bakery goods, with a ton of low fat and sugar free options! They also carry soy, rice, and almond milk for those who can’t handle dairy. Thanks again Jacobs.

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