July Monthly Winner

Leanna Pierre of Cusick, WA

Congratulations to Step UP and Go’s monthly prize winner Leanna Pierre of Cusick, WA. Leanna won a $15 gift card to FroYo Earth for logging her activity on www.stepupandgo.org  at least 10 times during the month of July. 

Leanna first became interested in Step UP and Go when her walking group at the Kalispell Tribes Wellness Center told her about it. Leanna loves to walk and has been involved in various walking groups. When her most recent group stopped meeting she felt that she still needed a way to keep track of her physical activity, and Step UP was it. She says, “I’m currently doing the Spokane to Seattle challenge but the Million Step Challenge was my favorite because it was so challenging!” Way to go Leanna!

Like most Step UP participants Leanna likes that she can log all of her activity into the tracker; like gardening and mowing the lawn.

Thank you to FroYo Earth for donating this month’s prize. FroYo features a variety of low fat and no sugar added frozen yogurt. You will also find plenty of fresh fruit options for toppings,  and dairy free yogurt as well! Stop in at one of their Spokane locations today!

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