City of Spokane Proclamation – STEP UP AND GO FOR “85210” SEASON

City of Spokane Proclamaion, signed by Mayor David Condon

City of Spokane Proclamaion, signed by Mayor David Condon

WHEREAS, healthy lifestyle change can be achieved with intentional small steps, and studies have shown that successful weight management is derived from a combination  of increased physical activity, decreased food intake while including healthy, nutritious food, and personal and environmental support systems; and

WHEREAS, more than two-thirds of adults and children in the United States are now overweight or obese, and obesity can be the contributing cause of diabetes, heart disease, some cancers, bone and joint problems, depression, fatigue, and will directly affect overall quality and longevity of life; and

WHEREAS, community efforts to promote and support healthy lifestyles have proven effective in encouraging people to make change, particularly if the healthy choice becomes the easy and accessible choice, and “85210” is one such community campaign with 5 simple things people  can do every day for better health: Get 8 hours of sleep; eat 5 fruits and vegetables; limit recreational screen time to no more than 2 hours; get 1 hour of physical activity; and, remove sugary drinks…0!; and

WHEREAS, “85210” endeavors to achieve a positive impact regarding healthy life choices, because healthy weight children and adults have more energy, better self-esteem, are more productive and have fewer medical problems, and promotes awareness that “85210 is not a diet, it is a lifestyle:

NOW, THEREFORE, I, David A. Condon, Mayor of the City of Spokane, on behalf of the citizens of Spokane do hereby proclaim the autumn of2012 as the


and ask citizens to consider increasing physical activity, make healthy food choices, and replace sugary drinks with water.

I, David A. Condon, Mayor of Spokane, do hereunto set my hand and cause the seal of the City of Spokane to be affixed this 24th day of September in 2012.

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