September Monthly Winner

CPR Friends & Family Anytime Kit

CPR Friends & Family Anytime Kit

Congratulations to Step UP and Go’s monthly prize winner Maili of Cheney, WA. Maili won a $10 gift card to Fred Meyer and a complete Friends & Family CPR Anytime Kit; a CPR kit for home emergency care, for logging her physical activity on at least 10 times during the month of September.

Maili started using Step UP and Go’s activity trackers a year and a half ago and loves that they give her a tangible way to record her activity. Maili says, “They give me something to do and look at, and I like that they track all physical activity.” Right now Maili is participating in our newest Pacific Coast Challenge. This is the 23rd Step UP challenge Maili has done, talk about dedication! Maili completed this many challenges through walking, swimming, and exercising at the gym.

Maili says that she has never been particularly athletid and she doesn’t really even like sports. But Maili says a knee replacement 4 years ago opened her eyes to the importance of being active. She adds, “Someone put a lot of time, money, and energy into replacing my knee . The least I can do to repay them is take care of myself so I don’t end up in the same situation as before!” Maili also says she would like to lose weight but mainly uses Step UP for tracking purposes. She was really surprised to see how much she already walks and moves throughout the day!

Maili is an inspiration to us all as she is always trying to find new ways to improve herself and her quality of life. We are happy that Step UP and GO is the tool that helps get her there. It can do the same for you! Thank you again Maili for you inspiring story, and for using Step UP and Go!

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