Step UP iPad winner!

Belinda won a personalized, black, iPad 2!

iPad winner, Belinda Smith

Congratulations to Step UP and Go participant Belinda Smith. Belinda won an iPad! She was randomly selected for this prize after taking part in a study that Step UP undertook in conjunction with Washington State University.  Belinda logged her physical activity for 14 weeks during the study, completing a total of 1,002,800 steps!

The Step UP physical activity trackers convert all activity into steps which was perfect for Belinda who did a variety of activities during the 14 weeks including biking and swimming. What keeps Belinda most active, she says, are her dogs. Belinda walks them 3 -5 miles a day. She says, “If your dog is overweight, you probably are too.” Her dogs really keep her motivated to keep moving.

Belinda and her family moved from California to Spokane about 5 years ago, which is when she says she really started becoming more active. Now the family does Bloomsday together and it has become, “a family event” Belinda says. 2 years ago Belinda started the Bloomsday training program put on by Providence Health Care at Spokane Falls Community College. She explains that she really enjoys the program because it allows her to be a part of a group. It also gave her younger son a chance to learn to run with a crowd of people before the actual event. It was at this training program that she learned about Step UP’s Bloomsday training challenge, and started logging her miles.

Now, Belinda has done the million step challenge a couple of times but she really enjoys the destination challenges. She likes having points along the way to reach, with pictures and a descriptive narrative about the location. Belinda wants to do the Spokane to Seattle challenge but has been out for a while because of a surgery. She hopes to start logging consistently again soon.

Belinda and her son doing what they do best: staying active!

Belinda and her son doing what they do best: staying active!

 Belinda signed up for the study because she was offered an Amazon gift card for her participation.  She says. “I really enjoyed spending it! I never dreamed you would pick me for an iPad too. Also, research fascinates me, so I thought I would help.” The goal of the study was to find out how people have the most success with web based physical activity programs; whether on their own, with a phone call one-on-one conversation with a health coach, through video tips and emails, etc. Many thanks to Prabu David, assistant professor of communications at WSU’s Murrow College of Communications and his students for their work which made this study possible. And to WSU for donating the gift cards and the iPad.  Again, thank you WSU and congrats to Belinda for being such a faithful study participant!

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