October Monthly Winner

Joe (in orange) walking his friend Jack across the finish line, Bloomsday 2012

Congratulations to Step UP and Go’s monthly prize winner Joe Kramarz of Spokane, WA. Joe won a $25 American Express gift card for logging his physical activity on http://www.stepupandgo.org at least 10 times during the month of October.

Joe grew up in Michigan and moved to Spokane in 1973, following a job transfer. Joe started using Step UP after he saw a story about our community health effort on KXLY a few years ago. He said it sounded like a really neat thing to be a part of. At the time Joe and his wife had just joined the YMCA to become more physically active, so Joe was thrilled to have a way to keep track of his workouts. Since then Joe has been tracking everything from swimming to biking and walking, he loves it and says he, “loves the reinforcement, I am just overall very impressed with Step UP.”

Joe also shares this inspirational story with us, “Four of us decided to do Bloomsday with our friend Jack Rogers who is a “Perennial” and has done EVERY Bloomsday since it began in 1977. He is 89 years old and in his day would win his age group with an under one hour for the 7.6 miles! He had some severe health issues just before the 2012 Bloomsday and was hospitalized for a few days. His record was not going to be broken. I borrowed a wheel chair from my church and we pushed Jack the entire way except that he wanted to cross the line on his own two feet. The picture shows us coming across the finish line.” You can see Joe in orange in the picture above. Joe also says, “I think this picture symbolizes the spirit of Bloomsday, friends, and the need to have a Step UP and Go program … to keep health in the forefront of our citizen’s minds.”

Congratulations to Joe for winning this month’s prize, and Step UP would also like to thank you for the words of encouragement!

The proud “Five Finishers” Bloomsday 2012. Joe can be seen second from the left.

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