Step UP Annual Prize Winner!

This year Step UP gave away a FitBit One!

This year Step UP gave away a FitBit One!

Step UP and Go would like to congratulate Diane Britton as our annual prize winner for 2012! Diane won the FitBit One, a small and convenient wireless activity and sleep tracker that attaches to your shirt or pants and allows you to track everything from steps taken per day to the number of times you wake up per night. The FitBit is an awesome companion for anyone wanting to track their activity.

Diane moved to this area in 1991 because of her love of the outdoors and physical activity. She and her husband enjoy hiking and rock climbing, since there are endless opportunities in the Inland Northwest for these activities. Diane was always a fairly avid rock climber until an injury in 2004. She says the injury caused her to lose many of her goals and she started to gain weight. So Diane joined Weight Watchers to help get her back on track and in now a life time member. It was at Weight Watches that Diane acquired a pedometer and shortly after that she was introduced the Step UP website. She started using the physical activity trackers because she loved how easy it was to log her steps right off of her pedometer.

Diane, a Diabetes Educator, now encourages her patients to log their activity as well. She continues to log her steps for herself but also to be a good example to her patients. She says, “I can’t expect them to log their activity if I’m not logging mine.” Also, Diane says she really likes the events calendar offered on our website. She likes to get out in the community and be involved and the calendar gives her easy access to local events.

However, what Diane likes best about the site is the mapping system. She and her husband love to travel, so seeing her steps displayed on a map is very encouraging to her. Diane thinks it would be neat to have a “Tour around Europe” tracker, for those who can’t actually travel to Europe to still experience the sights! What do you think Step UP users?

Step UP and Go thanks Diane for using our trackers and for encouraging others to become more physically active. And again, congratulations on winning this year’s GRAND prize!

Diane logged more than 3 million steps on Step UP’s activity trackers in 2012, and for every million steps she logged she was entered to win the grand prize. Be encouraged to keep moving and tracking and you could be our next winner!

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