Staying safe while exercising outdoors

By Jacy Fitzpatrick, Health Education Specialist, Spokane Regional Health District

Snow CarWith the winter months in full swing and a great potential of snowfall, colder temperatures, and severe driving conditions, pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists need to be extra cautious. Increased stopping time is needed at crosswalks, stop lights, intersections, and parking lots.

With this in mind, exercising outside and using other forms or transportation to get around isn’t a bad idea, it simply means remembering safety tips and rules are vital. Stickman Knows works to educate the community and increase awareness of the importance of safety in rain, snow, or shine.

Giving yourself ample time to get to and from destinations while driving is important. remember to increase stopping distance from other drivers. Slowing early at stop lights and sidewalks will protect you and others around. Stay visible after dark and in bad weather, use lights and reflectors at night and make sure you dress appropriately. Wearing layers so that you can adjust to the temperature will keep you from getting too cold and bright colors will help you stand out. Be careful when walking or biking passed stopped vehicles and be as predictable as possible.

For more safety tips and laws visit Stickman Knows today!

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