April Prize Winner

Richard and his wife Rachael in Leavenworth after this first 1/2 marathon.

Congratulations to Step UP and Go’s monthly prize winner for April, Richard Lentes! Richard starting using Step UP’s activity tracker after learning about the website from the Flying Irish Running Club.  “I have found it a fun way to keep track of my activities, I never thought of including yard work and mowing as “steps” or exercise before,”  Richard says about using the Flying Irish Lifetime Tracker.  Richard also said he wore a pedometer while mowing his lawn and discovered that he takes almost as many steps mowing as he does doing Bloomsday!

Richard has not always had  the active life he lives today. He was a fair-weathered runner and a social gym visitor.  In 2009 Richard found out he had an above normal cholesterol level.  So in January of 2010, Richard signed up for Bloomsday and started putting on his running shoes. “Between the diet and exercise, I lowered my cholesterol by 100 points, bringing it to a normal range in 6 months,” Richard explained. In the last two years, his hard work and healthy lifestyle have left Richard almost 40 pounds lighter and back to his weight from high school.

Today Richard runs in all weather! He has completed the Leavenworth ½ Marathon, runs in the Flying Irish Running club with his two sons, completes in Bloomsday and runs between 25-27 miles per week! How does he stay dedicated? Richard says, “There are days when just putting on the shoes is the hardest part but once I get out of the door and get moving and the blood is pumping, the fun begins.”

For tracking his activity at least ten times during the month of April, Richard wins a $25 gift certificate to Macy’s! Richard you are an inspiration! Keep up the great work!


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